Classic 2D Turn-Based Tactical Combat
Strategic grid-based battles with fresh and creative win conditions and boss battles.

Synergize With your Teammates
Featuring in-battle 'quips', increase your synergy with other units to unlocking new bonding scenes and in-battle bonuses.

Power Pentagon System
Replacing a certain 'triangle', the power pentagon utilizes the five power types in Covert Crew for strengths/weaknesses.
Energy, Elemental, Spatial, Physical & Mystical

Enter the Combat Simulator
Train your units in a roguelite inspired mode which includes procedurally generated maps, an augment system and blueprints to unlock new modulators and skills.
Over 20+ Playable Units
Recruit from a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique power.

Your Power is Your Weapon
Equip power modulators to modify your attacks, increase power, speed or even add the chance to inflict status effects. Unlock and craft new modulators as the game progresses.

A Wide Range of Abilities
Differing from the traditional 'move and attack', your units are also able to cast unique abilities that can influence the battle in various ways. (Attacks, buffs, debuffs, terrain control and more!)